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Unbox the real sensei massages right at home from as low as
RM70 a month (that’s RM2.33/day)
and get free maintenance throughout your rental period.

Syoook Sewa FAQs

The Syoook Sewa Rental Program allows you to rent a massage chair from ITSU for a fixed rental period, with a one-time free delivery of the massage chair to one address and a one-time free collection from the same address.

The rental period will start on the next day the massage chair is delivered to you. At the end of the rental period, the massage chair must be returned to ITSU.

The massage chair is a display unit. The massage chair may have minor cosmetic damage such as scratches and there may be some signs of minor wear and tear. Nonetheless, ITSU is committed to making sure that the massage chair is fit and safe for use.

When you placed your order for the massage chair rental, ITSU will collect rental deposit and first month’s rental from you. The rental deposit is a one-off payment.

ITSU may make deductions from your rental deposit if:

  1. the massage chair is damaged, lost, or stolen;
  2. if you fail to pay the monthly rental for 2 consecutive months;
  3. if you fail to arrange the return of the massage chair to ITSU within 7 working days of the end of the rental period; 
  4. there are amounts due and owing by you to ITSU(including rescheduling fees, if any).

Within one month after ITSU has collected the massage chair from you, your rental deposit will be refunded back to the credit card / bank account that you used initially for your payment of the rental deposit, subject to deductions to your rental deposit which ITSU is entitled to make.

After ITSU has sent you an email confirmation of your order for Rental Program, ITSU’s representatives will contact you via phone to arrange for the allocation of delivery and collection time slots for your Rental Program within 14 working days.

You must ensure that you (or a person authorized by you) is present at the delivery address to hand over or receive the massage chair from ITSU’s delivery personnel. 

Both delivery and collection are free for the first attempt only. For each subsequent delivery attempt/collection attempt made, it will be considered as rescheduling and you must pay a re-scheduling fee of RM400.00. You may contact ITSU to arrange for a re-scheduling of delivery/collection via Customer Service at or +603-6732 3722

The massage chair shall remain in the location stated in the Delivery Order at all times during rental period and possessed by you. You shall not change the user and/or location of the rented product without prior written consent of ITSU.

If you fail to pay the rental for 2 consecutive months, ITSU reserves the right to terminate the rental contract and collect the massage chair from you. The paid deposit is strictly non-refundable. ITSU is entitled to take necessary measures to recover the outstanding rental amount, including but not limited to third party means, that is CTOS, collection agencies and legal proceedings.

In the event of cancellation, the paid rental fee is strictly non-refundable.

We will arrange technician for servicing. If the massage chair is unable to be fixed due to spare parts issue, you will be entitled to receive a replacement during the rental period. Please note that ITSU will not provide a replacement for your massage chair for any of the following:

  1. any damage that results from changes, alterations or additions made to the massage chair that were not performed by ITSU or its authorised agents;
  2. deliberate act or vandalism, loss of unit or act of God;
  3. faults caused by operating the massage chair outside design specifications or outside any documentation or manuals supplied with the massage chair; and
  4. internal and external consumable parts and accessories, such as batteries, cloth covers and outer casings.

If your massage chair breaks down during the rental period, you may contact our Customer Service at or +603-6732 3722.

After the end of the rental period, you must return the massage chair to us along with all of its accompanying accessories and operation manuals (if any) in the same condition as it was in when it was first delivered to you. However, you will not be responsible for deterioration in the condition of the massage chair resulting from normal wear and tear.

If the massage chair is altered, tampered with, damaged (excluding normal wear and tear)  or destroyed while the massage chair is in your possession, ITSU may deduct your rental deposit for the massage chair.

You will receive a call from us regarding the collection of the massage chair at least one week before the rental period expires.

If you fail to return the massage chair to ITSU within 7 working days after the expiration of the rental period, ITSU reserves the right to deduct your rental deposit for the massage chair.

If the delivery attempt or collection attempt fails because of the fraud, negligence or misconduct of ITSU or our delivery personnel, ITSU will grant you an extension of the rental period without any additional charges to you.

You may extend your rental period by making an extension request at least 7 working days prior to the scheduled collection date.

You can make the request by contacting Customer Service at or +603-6732 3722.

Simpy pick your choice of massage companion and you’re ready to go

sensei essence-resizesensei essence-resize
sensei essence - bluesensei essence - blue
sensei essence - beigesensei essence - beige
sensei essence - beige 2sensei essence - beige 2
sensei essence - espresso - 2sensei essence - espresso - 2
sensei essence - olive 2sensei essence - olive 2

Sensei Essence

Unique leg and foot “Gua Sha” scraping function is guaranteed to relax your body fully and prep you for a good night's sleep. S and L-shaped track is designed to snugly fit against the curve of the human back, providing a precise route for massage rollers to reach every part of your body.

Available in: Blue; Latte; Beige; Espresso; Olive

  • 3-Month Plan RM270/mth

    1st payment: RM810 (RM540 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 6-Month Plan RM200/mth

    1st payment: RM600 (RM400 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 12-Month Plan RM170/mth

    1st payment: RM510 (RM340 deposit + 1st month's rental)

Prime Genki

10 automatic massage programs exclusively cater to reduce fatigue caused by hectic urban lifestyle. Enjoy 6 Manual modes including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Knead & Tap, Shiatsu, and Spot for the most personalized massage.

Available in: Blue; Browne; Coffee

  • 3-Month Plan RM200/mth

    1st payment: RM600 (RM400 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 6-Month Plan RM140/mth

    1st payment: RM420 (RM280 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 12-Month Plan RM100/mth

    1st payment: RM300 (RM200 deposit + 1st month's rental)

suki - espresso 1suki - espresso 1
suki - espresso 2suki - espresso 2
suki - olive 2suki - olive 2


At just 65.5cm wide, Suki is about the size of an armchair. With 6 rollers and 6 auto programs, Suki takes the tension off your body, from neck to leg. Switch between massage chair, recliner, and mini sofa, at just one click.

Available in: Peach; Cappuccino; Espresso; Olive

  • 3-Month Plan RM170/mth

    1st payment: RM510 (RM340 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 6-Month Plan RM100/mth

    1st payment: RM300 (RM200 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 12-Month Plan RM70/mth

    1st payment: RM210 (RM140 deposit + 1st month's rental)

Need exercise? Fitness buddy available too

Aire Bike V2.0

Crowded cycling and travelling to classes can be a waste of time. Create your own workout schedule with an expert-engineered magnetic ITSU Aire Bike made for your home. Supports up to 120kg user weight. 5kg flywheel. Grip pulse sensor enables you to monitor your heart rate by placing your thumb on the handgrip.

  • 3-Month Plan RM160/mth

    1st payment: RM480 (RM320 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 6-Month Plan RM90/mth

    1st payment: RM270 (RM180 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 12-Month Plan RM60/mth

    1st payment: RM180 (RM120 deposit + 1st month's rental)

aire bike - pdp 1aire bike - pdp 1
aire bike - pdp 2aire bike - pdp 2
aire bike - pdp 3aire bike - pdp 3
aire bike - pdp 4aire bike - pdp 4
aire bike - pdp 5aire bike - pdp 5
aire track - pdp 1aire track - pdp 1
aire track - pdp 2aire track - pdp 2
aire track p- pdp 3aire track p- pdp 3

Aire Track

We understand that the gym isn’t for everyone. Bring the gym to your home with ITSU Aire Track and sidestep those loud, sweaty gym classes. Supports up to 120kg user weight. 3 steps folding with rollers. High-quality shock-absorbing running boards. Auto-incline. 12 pre-set programs. Grip pulse sensor enables you to monitor your heart rate by placing your thumb on the handgrip. Safety key enables you to stop the treadmill immediately in emergency situations.

  • 3-Month Plan RM170/mth

    1st payment: RM510 (RM340 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 6-Month Plan RM100/mth

    1st payment: RM300 (RM200 deposit + 1st month's rental)

  • 12-Month Plan RM70/mth

    1st payment: RM210 (RM140 deposit + 1st month's rental)

Your health & safety is our utmost concern

How to sign up?

Leave us a message and our friendly ITSU representatives will help you with the next steps.

*Available only in West Malaysia.

Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya

Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya

Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak

Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor


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