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Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Business Awards 2022



Congratulations to the Hong Kong team for winning the Hong Kong Best Enterprise Award 2022 - the most reputable and well-known massage chair brand.

Despite trying times, the Hong Kong team seeks breakthroughs and achieved successes. The award is well deserved.

The BrandLaureate 2021

Today, the online world is developing at breakneck speed, and this growth defines the present and future of all brands. The power of traditional branding platforms have now shifted to online platforms and this will only continue in the near and far future.

We are proud to be the winner of The BrandLaureate Awards – The World's First e-Branding Awards 2021. This is a significant recognition of our brand to not just survive but thrive in e-branding.

A timeless beacon of enduring elegance, the trophy is 24k gold plated with pewter, the strongest and most resilient metal as its base.Representing glory and greatness, the base signifiesthe foundation of a brand and the cornerstone of a brand’s stability, essential requirements for brand success.

2019 亚太杰出品牌


荣获本届亚太杰出品牌大奖的认可,Dato' Eric Cheah叙道,“我们相信此次获奖,将成为我们发掘企业未来价值的信心所在。在此,我们也正式宣告,2019年ITSU将全力进驻位于大洋洲的纽西兰按摩椅市场。另外,我们也积极开创澳洲及土耳其当地按摩椅市场。我相信随着公司及品牌的不断发展,ITSU按摩椅逐步迈向国际更大的消费版图。”