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Own the product for real at the end of your rental period.

Syoook Sewa Rent To Own FAQs

The Syoook Sewa Rent To Own Program allows you to rent a massage chair from ITSU for a fixed rental period, with the advantage of owning the massage chair by the end of the rental period. 

The rental period will start on the next day the massage chair is delivered to you. At the end of the rental period, the massage chair belongs to you.

For Rent To Own Program, the massage chair is brand new.
No deposit required for Rent To Own Program.

After ITSU has sent you an email confirmation of your order for Rent To Own Program, ITSU’s representatives will contact you via phone to arrange for the allocation of delivery within 14 working days.

You must ensure that you (or a person authorized by you) is present at the delivery address to hand over the massage chair from ITSU’s delivery personnel. 

Delivery is free for the first attempt only. For each subsequent delivery attempt made, it will be considered as rescheduling and you must pay a re-scheduling fee of RM400.00. You may contact ITSU to arrange for a re-scheduling of delivery/collection via Customer Service at or +603-6732 3722

If the delivery attempt fails because of the fraud, negligence or misconduct of ITSU or our delivery personnel, ITSU will grant you an extension of the rental period without any additional charges to you.

The massage chair shall remain in the location stated in the Delivery Order at all times during rental period and possessed by you. You shall not change the user and/or location of the rented product without prior written consent of ITSU.

If you fail to pay the rental for 2 consecutive months, ITSU reserves the right to terminate the rental contract and collect the massage chair from you. ITSU is entitled to take necessary measures to recover the outstanding rental amount, including but not limited to third party means, that is CTOS, collection agencies and legal proceedings.

In the event of cancellation, the paid rental fee is strictly non-refundable. ITSU is entitled to recover 100% of the remaining rental amount.

We will arrange technician for servicing. Please note that ITSU will not provide a replacement for your massage chair for any of the following:

a) any damage that results from changes, alterations or additions made to the massage chair that were not performed by ITSU or its authorised agents;
b) deliberate act or vandalism, loss of unit;
c) faults caused by operating the massage chair outside design specifications or outside any documentation or manuals supplied with the massage chair; and
d) internal and external consumable parts and accessories, such as batteries, cloth or leather covers and outer casings.

If your massage chair breaks down during the rental period, you may contact our Customer Service at or +603-6732 3722.

Simpy pick your choice of massage companion and you’re ready to go

Rent To Own: Prime Fusion


Prime Fusion is equipped with the latest transition technology that can immediately switch between different massage techniques!

– 3D intelligent movement with 4 massage rollers
– 42 airbags to provide a full-body massage
– 26 specially designed auto programs
– 16 air massage programs with 6 levels of intensity
– Heat therapy at back and legs
– Extra-long track of 1.38m

Available in: Dark Grey

24-Month Plan……………………… RM430/mth
*East M’sia RM480/mth

36-Month Plan……………………… RM320/mth
*East M’sia RM350/mth

48-Month Plan……………………… RM243/mth
*East M’sia RM283/mth

Rent To Own: iClass


The all-new iClass massage chair is a creation designed with trend and intelligence in mind.

– 16 airbags with 6 adjustable levels of intensity
– Gentle warming around the body
– Zero gravity mode for perfect relaxation
– The FIRST massage sofa with shoulder massage function

Available in: Grey; Espresso

24-Month Plan……………………… RM210/mth
*East M’sia RM230/mth

36-Month Plan……………………… RM150/mth
*East M’sia RM165/mth

48-Month Plan……………………… RM126/mth
*East M’sia RM136/mth

Need exercise? Fitness buddy available too

Rent To Own: Aire Track


We understand that the gym isn’t for everyone. Bring the gym to your home with ITSU Aire Track and sidestep those loud, sweaty gym classes.

– Supports up to 120kg user weight
– 3 steps folding with rollers
– High-quality shock-absorbing running boards
– Auto-incline
– 12 pre-set programs
– Monitor your heart rate by placing your thumb on the handgrip
– Safety key: stop the treadmill immediately during emergency.

24-Month Plan……………………… RM130/mth
*East M’sia RM140/mth

36-Month Plan……………………… RM90/mth
*East M’sia RM100/mth

48-Month Plan……………………… RM70/mth
*East M’sia RM80/mth

Oct 1: The CTOS scoring report is essential to Rent To Own Program, however, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has temporarily suspended the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) services to credit reporting agencies.
We will update all application status once the data source is available. Thank you for your patience.

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