Upgraded with XD Pro massage technology and stereoscopic silicone rollers, Prime Omni is engineered with human-like precision to target all of your acupressure points with greater depth and power, allowing you to rejuvenate your whole body and attain a sense of equilibrium.

Auto-Activated Warm Up Therapy For A More Restful Sleep

Allow Prime Omni’s auto-activated warm up program to deliver a soothing and warming massage to your back area as you turn it on. By relaxing your muscles and improving blood flow, this program creates an optimal environment for your body to effectively benefit from your massage session so that you can achieve a more restful sleep.


Ergonomic Design for Your Utmost Comfort 1.38m Ultra-Long S+L Track

Prime Omni is ergonomically designed to harmonise with the natural alignment of your spine.
Spanning 1.38m, Prime Omni’s ultra-long S+L track ensures every inch of your body is pampered, from head to toe.

Allow Prime Omni’s 3 adjustable Zero-G positions and soothing swing modes cradle you into peaceful slumber.

Elevate your sensory pleasure by immersing yourself in your favourite relaxation music using its built-in Bluetooth speaker.

ITSU Smart Band Sync Your Health Data with PRIME OMNI

ITSU Smart Band is a trailblazing AI fitness tracker that seamlessly analyses and synchronises your health data in real-time with Prime Omni to tailor the ultimate massage program for you.

Simply download ITSU APP on your smartphone and access restorative massage program recommendations based on your health data.

Decompress Your Body with Air Massage

Prime Omni is equipped with 24 single- and double-layered airbags, featuring 5 valves that provide 6 combinations of air massage across your shoulders, forearms, and calves. This system enhances blood circulation, aids in detoxification, and helps alleviate muscle soreness and swelling.

Prime Omni in a Nutshell

Smart Scan Detection & Analysis

XD Pro Massage Technology

3 Adjustable Shoulder Heights & Widths

Auto Back Warm Up Program (Heat Therapy & Soft Rolling Massage)

4 Signature Programs + 22 Auto-Massage Programs

6 Air Massage Programs

Extendable Footrest with Foot Roller Massage

Bluetooth Speakers


3 Zero-Gravity Positions + 3 Swing Modes

Language ICON-05

4 Language Options


Zero-Wall at 25cm


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