Accu Massage Gun

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Weighing only 380g, ITSU Accu Gun is the perfect companion for on-the-go massage. Equipped with 4 interchangeable massage heads and 6 adjustable speeds, this versatile massage gun allows you to customise your preferred massage settings based on your body’s specific needs. Be it a soothing massage for your neck and spine or deep tissue massage for small and large muscle groups, Accu Gun has got you covered. Excellent for relieving stiffness, improving blood circulation and promoting better sleep. Comes with a USB Type-C charging cable for your convenience.



4 Interchangeable Massage Heads:
· U head (neck & spine)
· Ball head (large & small muscle groups: back, thighs and calves)
· Flat head (large muscle groups: back, legs and glutes)
· Bullet head (deep tissue & trigger points)

6 Adjustable Speed Levels:
Level 1: Warm up muscles
Level 2: Relax fascia
Level 3: Improve blood circulation
Level 4: Deep massage
Level 5: Professional massage
Level 6: Intelligent speed & strength regulation

Other Features:
· 15-minute timer
· Lightweight (approx. 380g)
· USB Type-C charging cable

1. If you are experiencing the following health conditions, please consult your doctor before use:
– Heart diseases;
– Pregnancy;
– Other health issues.
2. Not suitable for use by invalids and children without proper supervision.
3. Do not exceed 25 minutes per use.
4. Do not let the device come in contact with metal objects, such as belt buckles and jewellery.

1. How to use ITSU Accu Gun?
Gently place the massage gun on your bare skin for 60 seconds before moving to the next area. Please ensure that your skin is clean and dry without any clothing barrier.
This device is only suitable for use on soft tissues. Please do not use it on your head or bony part of the body.
If you experience any discomfort or pain when using the product, please stop using it and seek medical attention.

2. Is this device noisy when turned on?
Some noise is to be expected when the device is turned on due to the vibrating mechanism.

3. How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period is one (1) year. Proof of purchase (original receipt) is required for all warranty repairs.

4. What can I do if the device breaks down?
Please turn off the device and let it cool for 30 minutes before restarting.
If the problem persists, please contact ITSU service centre at or +6012-2183722 (text only).

5. How to clean the device?
Please unplug and turn off the device. Then let it cool down. Use a soft, slightly damp sponge to wipe the surface.
Please refrain from using harsh cleaning agents and avoid immersing the device into any liquid.