Sensei Neo V3

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ITSU Sensei Neo V3 is an upgraded 4D massage chair programmed with extensive massage and relaxation features tailored to every part of your body from head to sole. Experience the touch of a Sensei from around the globe all in ONE chair. A bespoke massage essential that allows you to unleash your potential and live life to the fullest, recharged. Comes with a rotatable leg rest for knee massage, 3-position Zero Gravity reclining feature and 3 swing modes for a better sleep.

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Massage Mechanisms:
-4D: Air pressure massage x 3D manouevre.
-7cm roller ejection.
-42 single- and double-layered airbags distributed across 9 air valves.

S+L Track:
-1.38m for a full body massage experience.
-Covers from the back of your head to your sole.

Zero Gravity:
-Reclines your body to a neutral position where your legs are above your heart level.
-Experience weightlessness as your body weight is distributed throughout the massage chair.
-Deeply relaxes your muscles.
-Relieves pressure on your neck and back.
-Improves blood circulation.
-Reclinable to 3 Zero G positions to suit every individual’s height.

Swing Mode:

-3 swing modes for a better sleep.

Heat Therapy:
-Comes with 2-level heat therapy (high/low) for your calves and back.
-Regulates body temperature.
-Improves blood circulation.

Touchscreen Navigation System:
-App can be downloaded on mobile or tablet and synced with Sensei Essence Neo V3 via Bluetooth.
-35 types of massage.
-40 types of auto-massage programs.
-4 Signature CARE Program: Muscle Care, Joint Care, Bone Care, Mind Care.
-4 manual massage modes (can be combined): kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling.
-6 fixed-point interval massage (can be combined): neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttock, full.
-7 major massage styles: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Balinese, Swedish.
-8 unique auto-massage programs that focus on your massage objectives: Neck Care, Lumbar Care, Spine Care, Deep, Genki, Relaxation, Swing, Circulation.
-8 unique auto-massage programs that cater to your massage needs: Beauty, Shape & Tone, Weight Loss, Energise, Short Break, Nap, Recovery, Night Detox
-6 additional auto-massage programs that fit your lifestyle: CEO, Queen, Gentleman, Body Builder, Spa, Scholar.
-16 combinations of air pressure massage modes.
-4 air pressure manual massage modes: shoulder, hand, thigh, leg

-Comes with a 5-60 minute timer.
-Customisable at 5-minute intervals

ITSU Smart Band + Flagfit 2.0:
-Monitors your activities and health data.
-Synchronises your health data to your massage chair.

Leg Rest:
-2-way extendable to maximise comfort.
-Rotatable for knee massage.
-Comes with foot rollers with 3 massage modes.

Additional Features:
1. Built-in Bluetooth speaker: for your auditory enjoyment.
2. Anti-clamp sensor: to protect small children and pets in close proximity to the massage chair.
3. Zero Wall: +/- 10cm (saves space).

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    Beige, Night Blue