Wonder Chair

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“Retreating to our own sanctuary at the end of the day can be a therapeutic experience.”

In a fast-paced world where we are expected to be constantly on the go, retreating to our own sanctuary at the end of the day can be a therapeutic experience.

It is an undeniable fact that a decluttered space can do wonders to improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is little wonder that many of us crave a living space that is airy, minimalistic, and aesthetically pleasing.

ITSU Wonder Chair’s massage balls are made of smooth-surface silicone, ergonomically concealed beneath the back cushion to deliver a targeted and thorough massage to your waist.

Relax into a comfortable position and let ITSU Wonder Chair knead and tap away your daily stress.

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Simple Living, Made Wonderful

Simple living is about focusing on what’s important in our lives, where we prioritise quality over quantity; functionality over extravagance; comfort over flashiness.

Our pursuit of simple living often reflects our preference for furniture and home fittings that are multi-functional, space-saving and versatile in design.

Compact, functional and minimalistic, ITSU Wonder Chair brings a perfect balance of practicality and aesthetics that blends well with your modern home.

• Relaxes muscle knots • Soothes multiple muscle aches • Improves joint flexibility

Revitalise your health with improved blood circulation and rejuvenated tissues, all made possible with ITSU Wonder Chair’s built-in heating and vibrating functions.

• After Work • Post Workout • Post Travel • Insomnia • Night Beauty Routine

Personalise your massage preferences with just a touch of a button. ITSU Wonder Chair’s versatile control buttons allow you to customise the mode and intensity of your massage session to suit every occasion and need.

A Life Well Lived, Is A Joyous Life

Inspired by Nordic principles “Hygge, Lagom, Sisu”, ITSU Wonder Chair is a wonderful addition to your home that brings immeasurable joy to you and your loved ones.

Hygge (Bedroom)
Wind down the day with a well-deserved massage and aromatherapy in your cosy little corner.

Lagom (Living Room)
A furniture that blends harmoniously with your living room layout where your loved ones and guests can enjoy a massage treat at any time.

Sisu (Study Room)
Take on the world, recharged and inspired, after a refreshing massage break.

Light & Portable
Weighing only 13.3kg, ITSU Wonder Chair can be dismantled and reassembled in just a few simple steps.

Comes with an Ottoman Footrest
A comfortable footrest that doubles up as an embellishment for your living space. Can be placed in front of or beside ITSU WonderChair.

Upholstered with Fabric
ITSU Wonder Chair is upholstered with fabric that feels comfortable to your skin. It is durable and removable for washing.

Attached with a Side Pocket
Worry no more about getting up mid massage when you can just reach out to ITSU Wonder Chair’s removable and washable side pocket at any time for your gadgets, snacks and remote control.

Comes with a USB Cable
Fancy an aromatherapy session alongside your massage? Just connect your ITSU EO Diffuser with the built-in USB cable and relax away.

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