Aire Bike V2.0

  • BRING THE GYM TO YOUR HOME: Sidestep those loud, sweaty cycling classes and expensive gym memberships by bringing your workout to your own home. We understand that the gym isn’t for everyone. Crowded cycling and travelling to classes can be a waste of time. Create your own workout schedule with an expert-engineered magnetic ITSU Aire Bike made for your home.
  • EASY SET UP AND STORAGE: Light weight with moving roller ITSU Aire Bike can be used in a variety of spaces to optimize your workout. No need to store bulky equipment.
  • BELT-DRIVE: when you pedal, you’ll push against the speedy 8. Fitted with 5kg flywheel to provide a seamless but challenging workout, flywheel with the belt-drive mechanism. Even when the exercise bike is not plugged in, you’ll still be able to perform in-home cycling workouts.
  • Pulse sensors: to keep tabs on your heart RATE, grab onto the Pulse sensors as you exercise on the magnetic bike. The heart RATE data can be used to personalize the pre-installed heart rate-driven workout programs.
  • Performance monitor: Track your speed, RPM, time, distance, calories burned, Wattage, heart RATE, and workout programs on one big console.

Aire Bike V2.0 (Free The Scale)


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