EMS Fitz Plate (Free Scale)

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Love exercise? Afraid of getting tanned? Going out is troublesome?
Use EMS Fitz Plate to get your needed workouts in different intensities. EMS Fitzplate is a swing exercise machine that effectively breaks and eliminates stubborn fat with whole-body vibration therapy. Now you can build your desired figure and keep your body healthier at the same time, at the comfort of your home.



Infused with EMS Electrical Stimulation Technology
Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the stimulation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. It is known to develop muscular strength and is used as a post-exercise recovery tool. The strong vibration effectively shakes your body and burns fat away, and the benefits are wider ranging than those achieved by ordinary exercise. In addition, EMS electrical stimulation technology stimulates the muscles, which in turn helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Stay fit and slim whenever you want!
With just vibrating and swinging, you can shake 10,000 steps away.

Just 5 minutes a day, visible results on the 30th day!
Lazy fitness exercise reshapes your curves!
*Weight loss effect varies depending on individual circumstances, workout routine and dietary habits.

Resistance Rope Included
Stand on the non slip panel and pull the rope. The progressive resistance of the rope will effectively trains the upper body.

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