H2 Hydrogen Water Bottle

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With Korean technology, H2 Hydrogen Water Bottle enables you to generate your own hydrogen-rich water!


The Miracle Water You Need

Hydrogen is helpful in eliminating free radicals and reducing damage to cells. It does not cause harm even when taken in large quantities. This is the major difference that sets it apart from other antioxidants. For example, Vitamin A is an effective antioxidant but if taken in excessive amounts, it may cause liver damage. Excess hydrogen, however, is discharged through respiration, urination, and sweat. Regardless of the amount consumed, hydrogen can be expelled from the body without causing any harm.

Once hydrogen water is generated, it can remain in the therapeutic range for up to 2 hours. It is recommended to drink within 1 hour as the therapeutic concentration will start to decrease.

The H2 Hydrogen Water Bottle is meant for filtered or drinkable plain water only. Please do not try to generate hydrogen-rich water with other liquids such as soft drinks, juices, vitamin drinks, etc.


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