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Achieve heightened relaxation and accelerated healing with Prime Dream’s 4D massage that resembles the natural rhythm of a Sensei’s touch. Transcend your life and experience a newfound sense of well-being with Prime Dream’s 4 Signature Programs that help to detox and re-energize your body. Comes with 3 adjustable Zero-G positions, 3 swing modes, and foot massage for deeper sleep.

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Massage Mechanisms:
· 4D massage with silicone rollers at 7cm ejection.
· Air compression massage (24 airbags across 5 air valves).

Ultra Long SL-Track:
· 1.38m SL-Track that covers the whole body (neck, shoulders, hands, back, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and soles).

· 3 adjustable Zero-G positions to suit every individual’s height.
· For deep muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation and pressure relief on the neck and back.
· Weightless experience for a more comfortable massage experience.

Swing Mode:
· 3 rhythmic swing modes to promote deeper sleep.

Heat Therapy:
· 5-minute back-warming program (high/low) to regulate body temperature and improve blood circulation.

Massage Programs:
· 4 Signature Programs: Energise, Unwind, Recharge, Detox & Zzz…
· 22 auto-massage programs.
· 8 exclusive auto-massage programs on ITSU APP (additional 8 programs after APP upgrade).
· 7 manual full body massage programs with 6 levels of intensity.
· Air compression massage with 6 levels of intensity (for shoulders, hands and legs).
· Foot massage programs for calves and soles.

· 10,15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes (depending on program).

Leg Rest:
· Extendable to maximise comfort.
· 3 massage modes with foot rollers.

Program Selection Methods:
· Control panel on massage chair.
· Remote control.
· ITSU app.

Additional Features:
· Built-in Bluetooth speaker.
· Zero-wall: 25cm.

1. Why choose ITSU Prime Dream?
ITSU Prime Dream is engineered with 4D massage rollers that emulate the natural rhythm and pressure of a professional massage therapist.
Coupled with zero-gravity positioning, swing mode, heat therapy and 4 signature programs that promote deeper sleep, this massage chair is the perfect choice for those who are constantly suffering from fatigue and insomnia.

2. Is ITSU Prime Dream suitable for me?
ITSU Prime Dream is suitable for healthy individuals above 12 years old.
This device is not recommended for individuals who are:
· Menstruating / pregnant;
· Suffering from heart diseases / back and spine issues / broken bones / malignant tumour / etc;
· Undergoing medical treatment;
· Prescribed complete rest.
If you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor before use.

3. Can I massage my body all day long?
To avoid overheating the massage chair, please limit your use to 15 minutes per body part and 30 minutes per session.

4. Can I take a nap or sleep on the massage chair when it is turned on?
It is not recommended to nap or sleep on the massage chair when it is turned on.

5. Is there a body height requirement for using this massage chair?
The optimum user height for this massage chair is between 145-185cm.

6. Does ITSU Prime Dream generate sound when it is turned on?
Yes. The sound is mainly generated by massage motors, inflator pumps and friction between massage rollers and the fabric.
If the user load exceeds 100 kg, it is possible that a louder sound may be produced.
If you notice any abnormal sound that comes from your massage chair, please turn off the massage chair immediately and contact our Servicing Team at or 1-700-81-4878 for further assistance.

7. I am having issues with the massage chair. What should I do?
You may refer to the user guide to troubleshoot the issue.
If the problem persists, please contact our Servicing Team at or 1-700-81-4878 for further assistance.

8. How do I clean my massage chair?
Gently wipe the massage chair surface with a soft, slightly damp cloth dipped with mild detergent. Then, let it dry naturally.
Cleaning and drying the device with harsh chemicals, cloth with coarse surface and hair dryer are prohibited.
Also, do not allow any liquid from seeping into the massage chair as it may damage the internal parts and cause injuries when in use.

9. How do I care for my massage chair to ensure that it is in optimal condition?
Please refer to the user guide for information on the intended use.

Do not:
· Place it in high humidity areas;
· Place it outdoor or in areas with direct sunlight;
· Perform unauthorised modifications and repairs without obtaining permission from ITSU.

10. I can’t download ITSU APP. What should I do?
Please ensure that your mobile operating system is at least iOS 13 or Android 10 and above. Then, scan the QR from the user guide to download ITSU APP.

11. I can’t connect my device to the massage chair’s bluetooth. What should I do?
Please ensure that your device has Bluetooth 4 capability. Then, connect as usual.

12. Does ITSU Prime Dream come with warranty coverage?
Yes. The warranty period is two (2) years when you purchase the product from ITSU.
Damages caused by misuse, improper handling and unauthorised modifications and repairs are not covered.
Please note that the original receipt is required for all warranty repairs. For further assistance, please contact our Servicing Team at or 1-700-81-4878.

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