• 4 Body or Body Weight Scannings
  • Invisible Bluetooth Speaker
  • Honeycomb Design (Tough and Durable)
  • 3 Zero Gravity Angles + 3 Cradle Modes
  • Upgraded Gua Sha Massage at Soles and Acupressure Functions
  • 35 Automatic Programs + 35 Exclusive Techniques (Neck / Shoulder / Back / Waist / Hip)
  • 4 ITSU Selection Programs (Muscle Relaxing, Bone Strengthening, Acupressure, Joints Soothing)
  • 4 Hyperthermia Functions (Shoulder / Hand / Seat / Leg)
  • 7 Levels of Speed Adjustment / 6 Airbag Adjustments
  • 8 Adjustable Levels 4D Gearbox (13cm Hybrid Protrusion)
  • 16 Air Bags Design (Shoulder / Hand / Seat / Leg)
  • 1.38meter Track (Suitable for different heights)

Sensei Essence Neo (Free Smart Eye)


The latest 4D Rhythm Movement (Neo’s movement and software can provide different 0.5 seconds micro-motions by priority. During the massage, rich movement variation, speed variation, 4D expansion variation and pauses, etc. can be experienced. All the variations could be done in an instant. It greatly improves the massage techniques.

Up to 36 months 0% Easy Payment Plan with HLB, HSBC, PBB and MBB credit card.

Use code “itsu9000” for further RM9,000 off!

Extra RM1000 off for trade-in.


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