Suki V2.0

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A stylish and versatile massage chair that brings out the unstoppable YOU. At just 65.5cm in width, Suki V2.0 is designed to fit into small spaces without compromising design and functionality. Pamper yourself crazy with 6 carefree auto-programs from neck to legs any time of the day. A truly convertible massage chair that can be transformed into a mini sofa or recliner to suit your mood.

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Massage Mechanisms:
· 6-roller technology
· 6 carefree auto-programs
· 5 massage modes: kneading, tapping, knead & tap, Shiatsu, knocking

Air Compression Massage:
· 8 airbags with 4 levels of intensity

Heat Therapy:
· Neck & shoulder, back, waist, hips, thighs and legs

· For spinal pressure relief

· For better sleep

Leg Rest:
· Air compression massage for calves
· Can be concealed when not in use

· 15 minutes (auto power-off and reset)

Program Selection Methods:
· Control panel on massage chair

Additional Features:
· Built-in Bluetooth speaker
· Space-saving design (6cm against the wall)
· Lightweight (39kg)

1. Why Choose ITSU Suki V2.0?
ITSU Suki V2.0 is a versatile massage chair, recliner and sofa for modern homes with limited space.
Equipped with 6 carefree auto-programs, air compression massage, zero-gravity positioning, swing mode, and heat therapy, ITSU Suki V2.0 effectively relieves all bodily tension after a long day.
It is the perfect choice for individuals who not only value practical designs but also prioritise functionality and convenience in their living spaces.

2. Is ITSU Suki V2.0 suitable for me?
ITSU Suki V2.0 is suitable for healthy individuals above 12 years old.
This device is not recommended for individuals with the following conditions:
· Menstruating / pregnant;
· Suffering from heart diseases / back and spine issues / broken bones / malignant tumour / etc;
· Undergoing medical treatment;
· Prescribed complete rest.
Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns before use.

3. Can I massage my body all day long?
To avoid overheating the massage chair, please limit the use to 5 minutes for specific body parts and 30 minutes per session.

4. Can I take a nap or sleep on the massage chair when it is turned on?
It is not recommended to nap or sleep on the massage chair when it is turned on.

5. Does ITSU Suki V2.0 produce sound when in use?
Yes. Some sound is to be expected when the massage chair is being used. The sound is mainly generated by massage motors, inflator pumps and friction between massage rollers and the fabric.
If you notice any abnormal sound that comes from your massage chair, please turn off the massage chair immediately and contact our Servicing Team at or 1-700-81-4878 for further assistance.

6. I am having issues with the massage chair. What should I do?
You may refer to the user guide for troubleshooting.
If the problem persists, please contact our Servicing Team at or 1-700-81-4878 for further assistance.

7. How do I clean my massage chair?
Gently wipe the massage chair surface with a soft, slightly damp cloth dipped with mild detergent. Then, let it dry naturally.
Cleaning and drying the device with harsh chemicals, cloth with coarse surface and hair dryer are prohibited.
Also, do not allow any liquid from seeping into the massage chair as it may damage the internal parts and cause injuries when in use.

8. How do I care for my massage chair to ensure that it is in optimal condition?
Please refer to the user guide for information on the intended use.
Do not:
· Place it in high humidity areas;
· Place it outdoor or in areas with direct sunlight;
· Perform unauthorised modifications and repairs without obtaining permission from ITSU.

9. I can’t connect my device to the massage chair’s bluetooth. What should I do?
Please ensure that your device has Bluetooth 4 capability. Then, connect as usual.

10. Does ITSU Suki V2.0 come with warranty coverage?
Yes. The warranty period is two (2) years when you purchase the product from ITSU (or up to five (5) years under Syoook Sewa).
Damages caused by misuse, improper handling and unauthorised modifications and repairs are not covered.
Please note that the original receipt is required for all warranty repairs. For further assistance, please contact our Servicing Team at or 1-700-81-4878.

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