5 Exchangeable Massage Heads

  • Spherical Head – for small & large muscle groups
  • Flat Head – for all body parts
  • U-Head – for neck & spine
  • Claw Head – for large muscle groups
  • Bullet Head – for deep tissue & trigger points

Mini Massage Gun


Releases muscular tension, stress, and pain. Improves blood circulation and muscle flexibility.

  • Rechargeable Massager
  • 3 Adjustable Speed Levels
  • 5 Exchangeable Massage Heads (Spherical Head, Flat Head, U-Head, Claw Head and Bullet Head)
  • Lasts Approx. 9 Hours on Single Charge
  • Comes with Storage Bag
  • Lightweight ~0.36kg
  • Warranty: 12 Months
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