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Bored with the usual 15% incline?
It’s time to push beyond your limits with ITSU Aire Track Plus’s 18% incline, wide selection of exercise programs and health tracking features.
This heavy-duty (1.75CHP) treadmill is integrated with an 8-point shock absorption feature across its running belt to protect your joints and soles as you crank up the intensity of your exercise program.
Suitable for daily use by multiple individuals. Foldable and space-saving.



· Strengthens the lower body (i.e. core, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes).
· Improves posture and balance.
· Increases endurance level.
· Burns fat and calories.
· Low impact (reduces joint injuries).

Motor Power:
· 1.75CHP (peak 3.5HP)
· Suitable for daily use by multiple individuals.

· 60 Auto-Programs (P1-P60).
· 5 Customisable Programs (U1-U5).

· Manual (0:00) – default at 1.0km/h
· Time Countdown (30:00)
· Distance Countdown (5.00)
· Calorie Countdown (100)

Health Tracking Programs:
(For reference only. Not to be used as medical data)

· Heart Rate
Hold the pulse kits with both hands on the handrails for 30s when the treadmill is stopped.

· Body Fat Analysis
1. Press the MODE button.
2. Select the parameters.
3. Press SPEED+/- to adjust the parameters.
4. Press MODE again. F5 will be indicated on the display window.
5. Hold the pulse kits with both hands on the handrails for more than 8s for accurate results.

Safety Features:
· Pull out the Safety Key to stop the treadmill immediately in case of emergency.
· 8-Point Shock Absorption on running belt to protect joints and prevent injuries.

Other Features:
· Built-in Bluetooth speaker (BHP-02)
· Foldable & space saving

1. Why should I use a treadmill when I can walk/jog/run outdoors for free?
Using a treadmill provides many benefits in addition to or as a substitute for walking/jogging/running outdoors:

· Set Your Own Challenge
With 60 auto- and five customisable programs, ITSU Aire Track Plus allows you to set your preferred speed, distance, duration and incline level in a controlled environment to improve your fitness.

· Independent of Weather Conditions
Exercising under unpredictable weather conditions may pose danger to you.
By having a treadmill at home, you can complete your exercise regimen uninterrupted regardless of the weather.
(Note: to avoid risk of injury, please unplug the equipment from the power supply and refrain from using it during thunderstorms.)

· Safety
If you lack access to a safe environment to perform your exercises, a treadmill is a good substitute that allows you to achieve your fitness goals safely.

· Trackable Progress
With a myriad of fitness tracking features (i.e., heart rate display, body fat analysis, calorie burn display, distance display and speed display), you can improvise your workout plans any time to suit your present needs.

· 8-Point Shock Absorption
Unlike the hard and uneven road surfaces outdoors, ITSU Aire Track Plus is integrated with an 8-Point Shock Absorption feature under its running belt. With reduced risks of Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and hairline fractures in your feet and ankles, worry not about performing mid to high intensity exercises that optimise your endurance level.

2. Can I use the treadmill without wearing running shoes?
Running barefoot or with improper footwear on the treadmill may increase risk of friction burns and injuries to the feet.

3. Is it better to train on a treadmill or outdoors?
Equipped with a variety of training modes (i.e., speed, duration, distance, incline level) and fitness tracking features (i.e., heart rate display, body fat analysis), training on a treadmill allows you to measure your progress in a more systematic manner.

That said, there are certain outdoor conditions that cannot be replicated on a treadmill, such as wind resistance and winding roads. When it is safe to do so, it is advisable to train in both manners to optimise your fitness level.

4. Is the calorie burn display accurate?
The calorie burn result displayed on your ITSU Aire Track Plus is an estimate and should not be used as medical data.
Other factors affecting your calorie burn include whether the exercise is performed continuously or in bursts, whether hand grips are held, your metabolism rate, etc.

5. Why choose ITSU Aire Track Plus?
Unlike conventional treadmills, ITSU Aire Track Plus is suitable for heavy use by multiple individuals with different fitness goals with its 1.75CHP and 18% incline (3% steeper than other treadmills in the market).
It is also integrated with a body fat scale that provides more insight into your body composition.
If you have limited space, this treadmill can be folded and stored away when not in use.

6. Can I use the treadmill if I have a pacemaker?
ITSU Aire Track Plus is not certified for use with pacemakers. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns before using this treadmill.

7. Can walking on ITSU Aire Track Plus for 30 minutes every day burn fat?
Paired with a healthy diet, walking on ITSU Aire Track Plus every day will boost your metabolism rate and increase fat burn.

8. Is it better to run faster with no incline, or walk slower at a steeper incline?
Both options are great for burning fat and improving your cardiovascular health.
In addition to that, walking at an incline also strengthens your lower body muscles such as core, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
If you are short on time, running is better for burning fat in a shorter amount of time. If you prefer a low impact exercise that strengthens your lower body, walking at an incline is a better option.

9. How do I care for my treadmill?
Please store your treadmill in a cool area low in humidity when not in use.
To maintain its superior performance, apply lubricant under the running belt after the first 25 hours of use (or 2-3 months). Then, repeat for every 50 hours of use (or 5-8 months).
For more information, please refer to the user manual.

10. My treadmill is not working properly. What should I do?
Please see the Error Code from the display screen and refer to the user manual for troubleshooting.
If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Service at or 1700-81-4878.

11. How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period for all ITSU fitness products is ONE (1) year.

12. Will the delivery personnel assemble my treadmill?
The product will arrive in a flat pack with all the necessary parts.
Your delivery personnel will place the product on the ground floor of your premise upon delivery. No assembly services will be provided.
For assembly instructions, please refer to the user manual.